Control Your Restaurant Effortlessly with Nextera’s Game Changing POS

Switch to Nextera and Save Big on Your Monthly Overhead – all with 24/7 expert support.

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Nextera is your restaurant partner: Delivering all the options and functions you need at one low monthly price.

Optimized Menu with Unlimited Customization

Fully Automated Online Ordering Systems

Reliable and Secure Payment Processing

Your Complete Restaurant Operating System

Accept payments at the table, curbside, or on delivery

Full mobility with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity

Quickly split checks & add tips

Calculate the exact cost of each ingredient and menu item

Track guest count, dining times and average check amount

Send e-receipts or paper receipts

Tired of overpaying for big name providers who don’t care about your restaurant?

Nextera is standing by with expert support 24/7 to ensure your restaurant runs smoothly – rain, shine, or even during power outages

Table, Bar, Back Office... It's All Covered.

with one low monthly price and zero upfront hardware fees

Types of Restaurants Serviced

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Hardware + Software + Network Included

Nextera Pricing Plans

Platform as a Service: Includes Hardware, Software, and Payment Processing

From a single location to a global franchise, Nextera has a pricing plan to fit everyone’s needs and budget. Compare plans below and select the ideal option for your business.

*PayPaaS Volume Features

Average per workstation

  • $10,000 – $19,999 = 50% discount on monthly PaaS subscription fees.
  • $20,000 – $29,999 = 100% discount on monthly PaaS subscription fees.
  • $30,000+ = 100% discount on monthly PaaS fees plus a potential additional rebate.