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Built for your success, Nextera has transformed businesses just like yours to increase sales and develop smart front-of-house and back-house processes. Your demo will include a custom walk-through, catered to your restaurants unique needs. Sign up today and we'll start your modernization now.

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Complete Control of your back-office

Get notifications via text message or email for voids, discounts, or no sales activity. We want you to be informed about all parts of your operation at all times. Especially sales.

Staff Roles and Perssions


Full Service Inventory


Full Customer Loyalty

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Nightclub and Bar Modes

Enhance your bar or nightclub with features designed for both staff and customers.

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The Restaurant Operating System that Drives Growth

Get an innovative and complete restaurant operating system. Fully customize-able to serve your business from front to back.

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Full Service

Table Management

Optimize your resources by using our Table Layout feature. After you finish designing your floor plan layout, Nextera POS will begin to calculate the following: guest count at particular tables, dining time length and even the average check amount..

Split Checks

Split or combine checks, transfer single or multiple items to a different check. Be flexible for your customers and how they would like to check out when it includes several parties.

Ingredient Inventory

Nextera POS can calculate the cost of each menu item by adding and calculating the cost of each individual ingredient that goes into the recipe.

Digital Receipts

Instead of saving each receipt with signature capture, receipts can be signed and saved by sending receipts automatically, and storing them in the cloud, indefinitely. Not only will you save money on paper, you will be able to organize yourself with zero effort. For those who like diversity, we also accommodate customers that prefer paper receipts.

Purchase Orders

The fulfillment process of Nextera POS begins with purchase orders. You can create purchase orders and digitally email them to your vendors to buy the inventory for your ingredients so that you can begin making your delicious food. Nextera POS also keeps track of your low running inventory and allows to you to create a purchase order for low stock items from each individual vendor, with only the click of a button.

Void, Discount, No Sale Alert Via Text and Email

Get notifications via text message or email for void, discounted, or no sales activity. We want you to be informed about all parts of your operation at all times. Especially sales.

EMV Tip Adjustments

Our Tip Adjustment feature represents a way to speed up services at the full service level, and to keep costs low for all credit card operations. It easily allows the tip to be adjusted at the time of the transaction or before the end of the day.

Bar Tabs

Always know where your customers are in their ordering process. Easily review open or closed tabs by name, order number or the last 4 digits of the credit card.

Works Offline

We know that running a bar or nightclub is fast-paced and it is mission critical that you don’t go down when you lose internet. With Cloud POS, you have the ability to take cards and keep working while offline.

Multiple Happy Hours and Automated Discounts

Increase your customer engagement by hosting happy hours with Cloud POS. Let your customers enjoy their favorite drinks at a discount after a long day or week.

Pre-Authorizations with EMV

Make your customers happy with an EMV system that reserves the proper amount of funds. Not using pre-authorizations can result in funds being reserved twice or declined.

Bar Tabs to Tables

Let your customers bring their drinks from the bar to the table without closing their check. Don’t make customers present their payment method more than they have too.

Quick Bar

Don’t stress when your bar gets busy. Cloud POS lets you open your bar tabs quickly and have the option to open more than one at a time for last minute changes.

Digital Receipts

Tired of wasting paper? Digital receipts will get you organized and save you money.


Easy Modifiers

Easily modify your quick service restaurant menu options with optional and mandatory modifiers. With Nextera, watch as new or updated modifiers adjust prices automatically.

EMV Secure Payments

EMV readers are essential for any quick service business. Customers will indulge in the convenience and security. While you receive the ability to accept secure payments on-the-go.

Take To-Go Orders

Get a reliable to-go and online ordering system with your system. Customers like convenience with quick service businesses, and with the to-go menu order feature, watch your customer volume increase.

Quick Service

Nextera was designed with quick service restaurants in mind. It’s easy to implement and expand. Give your employees an intuitive POS system they will love to work with that can keep up with your busiest hours..

Signature on Pad

Never worry about losing a signature captured receipt again. With our signature pad customers will electronically sign their receipts, which will then be sent and stored directly into the cloud.


Pizza by the Slice

With Nextera’s pizza by slice feature, allow your customers to get in touch with their creative side and customize a pizza down to the very slice. Let your customers mix and match different toppings on a slice-by-slice basis.


Manage all of your pizza delivery operations from one central location. Make sure your customers get hot pizzas at all times by tracking delivery times. Always know which orders are new, out on delivery, or completed.

Works Offline

We know that running a pizza restaurant can sometimes be fast-paced with crucial delivery times. Never slow down because you lose internet. With Cloud POS, you have the ability to work offline with full functionality anytime.

Tip Adjustment

It’s important your system has a tip adjustment feature. With Nextera, let your staff easily adjust tips after a purchase. Even during a pizza delivery, let your staff adjust tips when they return from a customer’s address.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs are a must have for your system. Reward consumers easily with Nextera POS. Create rewards programs, and give points to loyal consumers. Then let them use these points on specific full service items.


Consolidated Reporting

With consolidated reporting, receive royalty calculations for franchisers on a global level. This highly advanced reporting makes things easy when analyzing sales and operations worldwide.

Enterprise Online Ordering

Bring more convenience to your online ordering system with Nextera. Grow your customer base by giving them the ability to order online from any of your locations worldwide.

Country Level Management

Do you have franchises in more than one country? With the country level management function, you to have the ability to manage your franchises internationally from one central location.

Discounts / Happy Hours / Gratuity

Apply discounts, happy hours, and gratuity levels for all of your franchise locations, or customize different loyalty programs per location. Easily make loyalty programs variable or fixed.

Enterprise Loyalty

Cloud POS easily allows you to create and update customer loyalty programs for multiple POS systems. Control each location from the backend and reward customers with points.

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