Menu Layout for Online Ordering


This document explains the new menu layout implemented for the OLO.


A setting to configure the menu layout should be provided in the online order admin page.

Implementation in OLO:

Page Navigation: Online order store Admin page >> Account settings

–        A new field “Menu layout” should be included in the store account settings.

–        The “Menu layout” should have the following options,

1)      Default Layout

2)      Large image

3)      Small image

4)      No image

–        The “Default layout” should be selected by default.

–        Large images, small image and no image represent the new menu layout UI with large, small and no menu icons, respectively.

 Screenshot for menu layout configuration:

Menu Layout Online-1

Large Image Layout:

Menu Layout Online-2

Small Image Layout:

The menu images should be displayed in small icons.

Menu Layout Online-3

No image Layout:

Menu Layout Online-4

Products & Items – Menu Item

How to Create a New Item:

Select “Products/Items”, “Products/Items” and then select “+Menu Item”


Note: Before creating an Item, you must have all the fields created before attaching

The following information must be filled out:

–       Name

–       Level

–       Category or Sub Category

–       Measure Type

–       Item Price (Each or by Serving Size)

–       Tax (If Applicable)

–       Printers (If Applicable)

–       When finished select “Save”


Adding a Level:

Select the Item Level from the drop down that the item will be associated with


Adding Category:

Select the Category from the drop down that the item will be associated with


Adding Sub Category:

Select the Sub Category that will associate to the Category for the Item


Adding Measure Type:

Select the Measure type that you would like the item to be associated with

–       Each: The Item will ring in as one price when selected

–       Serving Size: The item will have different sizes to select from, each will have its own pricing

–       Open Item: The Item will prompt and ask for the pricing when selected


Adding Tax:

Select the Taxes that will be associated with the item


Changing Color of Display Button:

Select the default colors or select the color wheel


Uploading an Image for Display Button:

Select the “Insert Image from disk” or “Select Image from gallery”

NOTE: Recommended Dimensions for Menu Images is 108 by 78, and must be no more than 100 KB


Attaching Modifiers to Items:

Adding Included Modifiers:

Select “Included Modifiers”


Select “+” add what modifier group you want to attach and select “Save”


How to Add Optional Modifier Groups:

Select “Optional Modifier Groups”


Select “+Optional Modifier”


Select the “Modifier Group” then “Display Order” then when finished select “Save”


Adding Mandatory Modifier Groups:

Select “Mandatory Modifier Group”


Select “+Mandatory Modifier”


Select the “Modifier Group”, “Minimum Quantity”, “Maximum Quantity”, “Display order”

When finished click “Save”